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At Chapman's locally sourced ingredients is high on our agenda. Not only for the fresh quality we achieve by buying locally but also the low mileage our ingredients do to get to us, therefore lowering and reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can. 


Fresh Herbs & Vegetables

We are proud to use quality local produce and love our local farms. Buying locally farmed produce we also help to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible by cutting down the travel miles of our ingredients. 


Our Parsley we use, for example, is sourced fresh right here in Lincolnshire.

Local Potatoes

Did you know that all the potatoes used in our Fish Cakes are farmed in Lincolnshire just 10 miles down the road from Chapman's. 

We only use the best grown local potatoes for our gourmet fish cakes.


Locally Sourced High Quality Ingredients, Sustainable & Healthy

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Traditional Methods

We source our fish very carefully to ensure it comes from sustainable, well managed fisheries, our Smoked Haddock is traditional chimney smoked right here in Grimsby.

East Coast Crab Meat

All our Crabmeat for our crab cakes is all caught on the Lincolnshire coast.


The crabs are pot caught by local fishermen and therefore low impact fishing for the environment.

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From Farm to Table

Chapman's produce the freshest and highest quality products, bringing farm fresh food right to your table via the freezer.

Freezing the food keeps all that freshness right there for when it is served on your table.

At Chapman's we pride ourselves in using local ingredients wherever possible keeping our quality high and our carbon footprint lower.

If you are looking for a sustainable and low impact food product for your stores, you will not get better than this! Better yet the freshness is frozen in giving them a great shelf life! 

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